*Scintii. “ALH84001” (x/o Remix). Mica Remixes. Eternal Dragonz, 2017.

*Mechatok. “Hush”. Self-release, 2017.

*Y1640. “Weep”. Self-release, 2017.

*jonatan leandoer127. Katla. YEAR0001, 2017.

*dj lostboi. “angél”. Forever Fallen. Self-released, 2016.

*Aïsha Devi. “Initiation To An Illusion”. Of Matter And Spirit. Houndstooth, 2015.

*Yves Tumor. “Broke In” ft. Oxhy. Serpent Music. PAN, 2016.

*Malibu. “MIX 007”. United in Flames. Radar Radio, 2017.

*Organ Tapes. “Believer”. Words Fall To Ground. Creamcake, 2017.

*Air Max ’97. “Reduct”. Vessel. Decisions, 2017.

*Dinamarca. “Resurrection”. Himnos EP. STAYCORE, 2017.

*Yves Tumor. “Limerence”. V/A – mono no aware. PAN, 2017.

*Dj Heroin. “Conciliator”. Sanguine. Self-released, 2017.

*Nunu. “Cartridge 19”v. CRTG001. Cartridge Material, 2016.

*Chino Amobi. “Hard Stacatto” ft. Embaci. Minor Matter. The Vinyl Factory, 2017.

*dr. actor. “Axe Split Rose Quartz, Mix:040”. Disc Magazine, 2016.


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